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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if it rains?

Our programme is rain or shine. If there is a risk of lightning, we will move to a physical shelter where we will carry out other wet weather activities. Kids normally have a lot of fun too when it gets wet! We also want to teach children to be resilient, and cope with difficult situations and to find alternatives when we have a problem.

2. For the regular programmes what happens if we cannot make it?

The whole focus of the forest school programme is to provide children with regular interaction with nature. When children know they are coming back again, they will be able to play more mindfully and not in a rushed way. If your child is sick we do allow them to skip the session if they have a Medical Certificate. We do try to accommodate one off request by allowing your child to do a make up session on another day within +- one week.

3. Can parents follow and observe for the trial session?

Our programme is not parent accompanied because we believe in developing the "inner you" within the child. Children behave differently in many areas when parents are around. They become less independent, and may feel more conscious of their social behaviour. It will also have an impact on the other children knowing that a parent is around. We understand parents concerns when it comes to this. If the child is able to join for the initial briefing then they will be able to manage throughout the session. We will keep in mobile contact if the child is not able to manage. We will share photo updates after each session so you will definitely know how your child got on after the session. 

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