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    Please contact us if you are looking for outdoor nature trips for your school's children. We run child-led programmes where we take children out to nature, and let them take the lead in their learning. They will be encouraged to follow their instincts and develop a connection with nature. Along the way survival skills will be taught as well.


    Please fill in the Contact Us form with details of your requirement and we will definitely get back to you.   

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    Partnering Schools

    Our programme works excellently well to complement the work that schools are doing to nurture children. We are willing to explore conducting weekly Forest School enrichment lessons at your premises or at parks near your school. We provide holistic education for children, covering subjects like science, numeracy, linguistic expression and emotional intelligence.

    Children need regular time to just be themselves, test out theories, and nature presents the best setting to do that. A period of 2-3 hours a week is the recommended time set aside to do this. 

    If you are interested to find out more, please fill in the Contact Us form with more information about your requirements, and we will get back to you to see how we may work together. 

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    Collaborations & Corporate events

    We are able to provide nature based activities at your location for your customers or staff. Please Contact Us if you would like to explore this opportunity to bring more value and new experiences to your existing services.

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