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Career at Nature Explorers School

We aim to be an authentic forest school which strives to nurture children to the best their abilities. What this means is we want children to be confident, to be secure about their strengths and have a positive outlook of life. We believe that nature and the outdoors, is an environment that is engaging and challenging for every individual in their own way, so long as we as coaches know how to set the right learning atmosphere for the children. We are firm believers in child-led learning, so our job is to follow children’s instincts, guide them and know when to layer on additional information that will help them grow in areas they are interested in. 

Ultimately you need to have a caring heart, to want to help others to improve. You need to be comfortable in the outdoors, where it will be get muddy, wet, hot. You’ll need to have a sense of curiosity to always want to find out more, because the list of things we can do outdoors is endless if we fundamentally are interested in it. Survival skills, knowledge of plants and animals, craft work, are things you’ll need to be interested in.

In return, as we teach children these traits of following their instincts, we too learn along the way as we become more authentic, more aware and more true to ourselves. Children will also show us new ways of how things can be done and honest pure ways of thinking. 

Forest School Manager

We are excited to announce a full-time opportunity for a Forest School Manager to join our team! As a small and dynamic organization, you will have the chance to be involved in all aspects of the business and help it grow. You will have the rewarding responsibility of managing forest school programs, interacting with children, and overseeing administrative tasks. We are seeking someone who is passionate about nurturing children's holistic development and is comfortable working outdoors in nature.


As the Forest School Manager, you will be responsible for a variety of tasks, including running forest school sessions, managing program sign-ups and administration, planning programs, maintaining equipment, streamlining processes, and growing the business through social media efforts.


We are looking for a candidate with a Diploma in Early Childhood L2 certification and any knowledge of survival skills, plants, and animals is a bonus. You will work on weekend morning shifts and scheduled sessions, as well as during holiday camps. You will have flexible work arrangements and be able to work from home.


We offer a competitive salary of $2,550 per month, and we encourage interested applicants to send us their resumes with a brief note about why they want to join Nature Explorers School and any relevant experience with children, nature, outdoor activities, plants, animals, or sports. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are interested, kindly email us your resume. In the email please state the reason why you want to join Nature Explorers School and highlight any experience with children, nature, outdoor activities, plants, animals or sports. We will get back to you if there is a good fit. Thank you!

Part time coach

We are looking for part-time coaches to help facilitate our sessions and camps. We run weekly sessions for children 3-12 years old and they take place both on weekdays and weekends. We also run day camps during the school holidays and other projects.

If all this sounds interesting to you, then please email us your resume. Do indicate what is your work experience, education and why you want to join Nature Explorers School. Please also indicate your available days of the week on a regular basis.

Thank you!

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