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  • Gather at the meeting point, briefing on safety assessment and discuss the day's activity 

  • Along the way to base camp, discuss interesting observations

  • Activity time

  • Snack and sharing session (bring your own snacks)

  • Mindfulness practice

  • Pack up and return to meeting point​


As this is a child-led programme, children have to discuss and decide what they want to do. We practice positive role modeling and activities to guide them include, build dens and shelters, create nature craft, light fires, cook outdoors, nature walks to hills and intertidal shores, whittle, woodwork, storytelling, learn about flora, fauna and sustainability projects. Equipment will be provided.

Each term includes excursions and workshops for children to be exposed to other environments and nature based organisations.


To facilitate personal observation and support to each child, we maintain a low teacher to child ratio of 1:5. Each session will be led by a certified Level 3 Forest School Leader with child first aid qualifications.



Each session is 2.5 hours which provides ample time for children to indulge in their interest and activities.


The Forest School pedagogy works through regular interactions with nature. To blossom, children need to feel settled, where they can learn at their own pace. To sign up your child, you need to register your child for at least 4 sessions.



$200 for 4 sessions

$550 for 12 sessions


$160 for 4 sessions

$440 for 12 sessions

Insurance package purchased for the children has already been factored into the pricing.

Trial session

We are happy to offer a trial session. Please drop us a note on our Contact Us link if you are coming, with details of your child's name, gender and age. As well as the intended day of the week should you go ahead for the regular session.  


Please refer to our sessions page to make a booking.

Drop off

Please note that this is a drop off session and is not parent accompanied. This is to allow your child freedom to explore their interest and interact with the other children.


Children should come with a long-sleeve top, long pants (preferably not tights as mosquitoes can bite through it), covered shoes (wellies or boots recommended) and a hat or cap. We recommend a covered attire to prevent against any insect bites and to protect against sunburn. Also as Fathers might recall, once you wear your “Long 4”, you are more willing to be immersed in nature and explore!

What to bring

Back pack with water bottle, raincoat, complete change of clothes and a snack.


Nature Explorers School is operating at Labrador Nature Reserve. This location was selected for its rich biodiversity. This Reserve has a forested hill, mangrove swamp and an intertidal rocky shore to explore. This relatively secluded site offers open green spaces for us to conduct our sessions. 

Labrador Villa Rd, Singapore 119187. 

From Labrador Park MRT, 10 minute nature walk along Berlayer Creek. Please drop us a note if you would like to request for transport to and fro Labrador Park MRT.  

Meet at the open space in front of Carpark C.