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Mindfulness tip! Learn to listen more. Next time you take a walk in the park or anywhere, try to pay attention to the different sounds around you. It will refresh your senses and you learn to be more "present". Close your eyes, and you'll be surprised that suddenly your sense of hearing will be much better.


  • Gather at the meeting point, introduction and setting boundaries 

  • Slow walk to base camp, discuss interesting observations

  • Children discussion on the day's activity

  • Activity time! Where the magic begins

  • Snack time

  • Pack up

  • Mindfulness practice

  • End of session sharing

  • Return to meeting point​


This is a child-led programme and we believe that children should be given time to decide what they want to do. We do have themes for each term where we try to expose children different things to widen their perspective.


Some examples of their favourite activities include mud play, climbing trees, playing in streams, collecting things that find in nature, learning to use tools, fire starting, outdoor cooking, exploring nature trails, whittling and loads of imaginative play! All equipment will be provided.


We don't just run the programme. One of the key features of our forest school approach is to observe children's behaviour. By observing children, we try to understand what are their interest, how they like to learn, and use that to shape how we engage them. We will compile these observations and give parents a report on their child's personality. The outdoors is often a challenging environment and that is where your true personality comes out. Our hope is that with these insights, parents will get a better understanding of their child, and use it to make better decisions that will suit their child's personality as they progress in their life's journey. 


To facilitate personal observation and support to each child, we maintain a low coach to child ratio of up to 1:5. 



Each session is 2.5 hours so that children have enough time to really indulge in their interest/ activities and not feel rushed.


Our sessions are based on a regular weekly attendance. The Forest School pedagogy works through regular interactions with nature and the children will look forward to coming to the sessions. To blossom, children need to feel settled, where they can learn at their own pace.  



$720 for 12 sessions

$260 for 4 sessions

$75 for trial/ single session


$600 for 12 sessions

$220 for 4 sessions

$65 for trial/ single session


Please drop us a note on our contact us page and we will get back to you with more information

Drop off

Please note that this is a drop off programme and it is not parent accompanied. When children are left on their own, that is when they will start picking up on their own interest. We want to give children that freedom to explore and interact with other children. We will share picture updates of what happens during the session so you will be fully aware of what went on.


Children should come in a long-sleeve top, long pants, covered shoes and a hat or cap. We recommend a covered attire to prevent insect bites, scratches and sunburn. It may seem uncomfortable but it actually isn't. Children will explore better with a covered attire as they feel more safe. 

What to bring

Backpack with water bottle, raincoat, change of clothes and a snack. You can bring slippers to pick them up in case their shoes get wet.


Nature Explorers School currently runs weekly sessions at Mount Faber. We also have other programmes like camps or hikes at other locations like Clementi Forest, Pulau Ubin, Dairy Farm, Pasir Ris Park, Sembawang Park, Coney Island, Labrador Park and West Coast Park.

What to expect from our forest school programme

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