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We are extremely proud to have been featured by Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao previously. Please take a look at the articles here. 

Forget enrichment classes, these kids learn life skills by climbing trees and spotting snakes. Page 1. Page 2.

大自然中释放天性 教育新潮流——森林学校. Page 1.



"My boy has been attending NES weekly sessions for almost a year and I must say it is a really awesome programme! He has grown so much in terms of his confidence and stamina. He used to be scared of dirt and now is very comfortable with nature and I am glad to see his progress! I really appreciate the effort the coaches take to document each sessions with pictures and narratives and we are able to see how much they enjoyed the sessions! From time to time, special events are organised like Halloween or Deepavali and coaches go the extra mile to make it fun for them. They learn new skills such as fishing, starting fires, using saws and I like they have forest bathing every session without fail. Would highly recommend the programme!" - Keerthani

"Our daughter loves her weekly nature session with Nature Explorers School. She looks forward to it every week.

We used to go for nature walks on our own every week but she was not very inspired. Jenson and his team managed to bring out her enthusiasm about nature. They make nature a fun thing for the kids and at the same time teach them to respect and care for Mother Earth.

Jenson and his team are patient and respectful. They listen to the children and responds in kind. My wife and I really appreciate this.

If you’re looking for an interesting way to expose your child to nature, then Nature Explorers School is definitely the way to go."- Larry Toh

"In many ways, nature has been and will always be the best teacher. Jenson and his crew do a great job as guardians of a child-led, positive and safe environment, helping grow their confidence and allowing the children to explore and blossom in their own way. Love the energy of the group too!" - Joe Lin

"My daughter has attended Nature Explorers School since Aug 2019 and absolutely loves it! She has strengthen her social, physical and dexterity skills, while learning to have fun with nature through activities such as tree climbing and making mud pies :). Highly recommended for all urban overloaded kids!" - Queenie Lee

"NES is the Best enrichment activity any 3 to 5 year old could ask for on a Saturday morning. The experiences gained are life skills that will go a long way. As parents without a bone for adventure or outdoors, we can leave it to the experts at NES to fulfill my daughters fantasies of living the great outdoors (catching bugs, building shelters, navigating a map). The icing on the cake is the bonds formed with her new found friends and coaches who journey with her with guidance, yet giving personal space to grow up appreciating nature and building confidence.
*Bonus to parents thinking about signing up: You will love that it's a drop off programme where they learn to be independent(in a safe environment), while we parents get time off and enjoy exploring breakfast haunts in the southern region of Singapore." -  Kevin Fang


"My girl had been with NES for 2 camps (latest number is 8 camps!) now and she immensely love the camps! Since the first one, she had been asking when she can go for the camp again. The second camp concluded just yesterday and my girl had learnt a lot, from technical skills such as tying knots/ reading maps to values such as loving nature, team spirit, looking out for one another etc. Also the camp fulfilled a lot of her dreams from walking in drains, hiking through the forest and barbecuing marshmallows over a campfire. The coaches are all very gentle and loving towards the children and hence are all very well loved by the kids. We will definitely be back for more !!!!" - Frances Yong

"Skipping in muddy puddles with no care, getting totally drenched in the waters are things that I can’t imagine letting my kid do it in front of me. Neither could I imagine she could endure trekking for hours, climbing terrains, pitching tents and cooking outdoors. Grateful for the team at NES and Coach Kin for taking good care of the kids and showing them how beautiful nature is. This is my child’s second time with NES and she would want to be back again! Thank you!" - Lee Ying

"My 8 year old daughter attended the 2 Day holiday camp and had an absolutely AWESOME TIME!

A Watsapp group was set up for the parents to facilitate communication. Instructions were clear and the packing list catered to both rain and sunshine.

My daughter had the opportunity to experience camp craft and hiking in challenging terrain. With the support of the coaches, No kid was too young or small to participate.

Strongly recommended!!! A big thank you to all the Coaches!!" - Angeline Moroni

"My girls had a wonderful experience this June holiday at Dairy Farm and WCP. They love playing at the drain, whittling their weapons and the outdoor cooking experience! Thank you to coach Yan Ling and coach Kin for being such fun-loving and fantastic coaches. They will definitely be back again" - YL Pan

"It was a truly magical and enjoyable experience for my boy and his friends. At the end of each day of the camp, he would quipped excitedly to me about his amazing adventures. Jenson and his team of enthusiastic coaches led them through the forest to catch (and release) insects and fishes, hiked through different terrains, explored caves, pitched tents and many more! Needless to say, he wants to be back to ‘play in the forest’ with Nature Explorer. Thank you Jenson and team for making his experience such a memorable one!"- Faith Shen

"To be honest I didn’t know what to expect of this camp. I just thought it’s about exploring the forest. It turns out that it is more than just that. Besides the fact that my girl gets to explore the forest, to learn about the forest, she gets to learn to read a map, use a compass, pitch a tent, whittling a branch stick, exploring pond, learn how to make fire from wood, roasting their food over the fire they make and playing with mud.

She gets dirtier by the day and what Jensen has shared w me was that this program is meant to be child led as well. For the purpose of allowing the kid to learn the way they want it. In normal circumstance I would never allow her to be mud dirty. But this program also kind of taught me to let go of my restrictions and let her fully explore the way it is.

So in my opinion, this is a very good program to participate, definitely for the child but also for myself (the parent)." - Sebrina Tan 

"Every child is born a natural explorer. Activities like this camp keep that part of their exploration and self-discovery alive. Something which is immensely missing in this tech-infused world. My son attended the camp in Dec 2020 and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Best part was playing in the rain and learning to build a fire for him. He’s looking forward to the next one." - Cheryl Ganeson

"I almost never write reviews, but would recommend Jenson and team with great pleasure. The 3-day Dec camp that our 3.5 y.o. joined rained everyday, but it made going outdoors that much more special. Especially with coaches who over-deliver on almost every aspect. It looked so fun that like another parent said, it makes us want to join the camp ourselves!" - Hwei Lee

"Yoan’s December 2019 Highlight

Just 1 month shy of his 4th birthday, he trekked, he climbed, he searched, he puddled, he muddied. He tied, he hammered, he pitched, he built, he chilled, he listened, he daydreamed, he wandered, he trooped, he roasted. He ate, he drank, he laughed & he made new friends!

Amazing fun 3 days outdoor frolicking in the rain with Nature Explorers School. What a wonderful experience! It is such a treat for children to bask in the joys of Mother Earth. I hope Baby brother Anton can do this soon too." - Janice Ang

"My 4 year old had so much fun on their 3 day holiday camp. Everyday felt like an adventure for her and she had the opportunity to be exposed to nature and its elements. From learning how to pitch a tent, starting a fire, catching tadpoles to wood whittling, these are things that she would not learn in a normal classroom setting. I would highly recommend this programme!" - Bernice Lim

"My boy only had good things to tell me about his 3-day NES Camp experience. He was very excited talking about his first tent-building experience, the new friends he made, and he especially enjoyed roasting his food over fire :-D
Thanks NES for giving him such a memorable outdoor experience!" - See Hearn

"Really appreciate the time they (coaches) took to caption the photos w a little background of what happened. They were friendly and welcoming and willing to get down and dirty w the kids. Really good experience!" - Natalie Ho


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